Tyrek & Christina seminar

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I actually was able to find a lot of information on this site telling me not to my fiancé and I did not but everything that they were saying sounded too good to be true they said after the $2000 seminar that week we would be able to purchase properties underneath of them but I wasn't sure if this was legit or not I saw a couple people post about going to this training although I didn't see if anybody was successful with it

I attended a free session and was really excited about doing the 3 day seminar. I even paid the $2,000. When I went home I did some research and I realized that Tyrek and Christina only license their names to the program and probably have nothing to do with the training. Also the program, Success Path, is owned by a company that does these sorts of training using different names. I went to the first session of the 3 day training and after listening for a while, I realized it was more of a sales pitch for the next $10,000 training and so I got my money back. BiggerPockets can teach you all you need to know.