The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

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Anyone read the Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller? I know that he started Keller Williams realty and has a book for real estate agents. Is this one worth reading?

I flipped through the book for a while, but did not buy it. There was more motivational information in the book then I wanted. I was looking for something that was a bit more concrete in how to analyze deals, find properties, etc. The book is a bit too much theory IMO. The one thing I did like, however, was the investor profiles at the back of the book.

I read through about 75% of it as well as half of his other book the Millionaire Real Estate Agent and the first half of both books is near identical; it's the motivational information the previous poster hit upon.

The second half of the book is more about building a successful real estate company than being a successful real estate investor. Such as surrounding yourself with the right people for advice (hmm odd I thought that's why I was reading the book).

If you want to build a successful business, it's a good read, if you're looking for step by step tips on buying that first rental property, look elsewhere.

I've found that the first part (all I've read) is just one long motivational speech.

I am reading it now and I find it to be very good. I am experienced and I still found it to be informative and yes, very motivational. We all need to be continually motivated to do what we do and this book does that. I also like the way he deals with the mindset of the investor, by showing how an investor should be thinking and looking at everything he sees as a potential investment. I havent read many of the others but I think this book is worth it for anyone who doesnt think he knows it all. For some it is a refresher course and reminder of purpose and duty.
The problem have with some others that I have glanced at is that they dont seem to teach enough about the reality on the ground. For those who have dig hard to find deals and work with certain undesirable elements, some of these books are just raw info and not real training. I have met a few people that have read as many as 7 books and not done deals because they didnt get enough info on the grunt work.
One truth in Kellers book is that "your money lives on the other side of your fears", which I find to be true.

I have found in all my years of research on various businesses, that motivation has it's place, but not until you have the meat and potatoes down so you have somewhere to utilize it! Getting all pumped up with nothing to do is just a tease and it wears off fast, but if you have quality information to apply your high energy and attitude to, YOU'LL TAKE ACTION! :beer:

Thought it was a great read. Easy to read, read it quick in spare time. I agree it's directed to building a Real Estate company as well as motivation based. Both aspects of the book worked well with my overall process.

I especially liked how he defined the five energy areas starting on pg 307. In a nutshell he stated that there's five major components to our make-up/existence. The theory goes on to state that we should time block and enable time to excercise them on a daily basis. By doing so each component acts as a catalysis creating energy to be applied towards one's successful ventures.

i read it a year ago and liked it. i like to read about how others have become successful in real estate so i guess i liked the profiles the best.

Yes, I do believe that Keller's book is worthwhile. In my opinion real estate investing is a business. If you treat as such it will pay you that way. If you treat it like a hobby or idle investment it will pay you like that too. Keller's book is about mindset and creating systems. Both are relevant to any real estate investing business. You need to find ways to create win/win deals and you will have a sustainable career.

I read it and I felt that it was a good book too!

i liked it. my realtor gave it to me, which made me like it twice as much!


Its a good read. If you can get one good thing out of a book it is worth you buying it. One piece of information can do alot.

I liked it, but not a how to do book.


I liked it, too. It gets you in the right mindset. But then again, I do enjoy the motivational stuff. Like others have pointed out, it's not a "how to" book.

We just bought the audio CD to listen to, as well.

What I like about this series is the online supplemental information. They have a bunch of audio interviews and spreadsheets on their website ( A lot of it is geared towards his first book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

Yes, they do charge for some of the extras. Some of it is free, like the Monday call-ins. Although I just looked at who's speaking next and can't recommend her at all. Man, I HATE Wendy Patton. Hers was the absolute worst course I've ever purchased, and I've spent thousands on books and courses alone (not counting seminars)... what a complete waste of money. That was years ago, so I should give her the benefit of the doubt. But still... yuck!

Sorry for the tangent on Wendy. The MREI book is still worth reading, IMHO.

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