Book reveiw: Find it, Fix it, Flip it!

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Has anyone read this book? It's by Michael Corbett, the host of Extra's Mansions and Millionaires.

I personally like it. It's full of tips and illustrations and takes you through every step of rehabbing homes from purchase to sale, as well as number crunching.

Is there anyone else who has read this book and if so what is your opinion on it? Would this be a book you would call your "bible" when getting started with rehabs?

I finished this book at few months ago and wanted to touch on a few things.

This was my first "flip" book I have ever read so there isn't anything for me to benchmark it to. I thought it was great! It started off with a very motivational background which certainly pulls your interest in.

The find it chapter was extremely helpful it came up with good techniques and it told you how to put together your "team".

The Fix it part also had great insider tips, different styles, ways to maximize profit.

The flip it part was a little vague, there was good detail in closing a contract but it seemed to be lacking a few things and just touched over other more important parts.

I'd definately recommend the book it does a great overall background in flipping from start to finish. A lot of good insider tips that will help the process go smooth.


I'm working through it now. Personally, I think he over-renovates his houses, but he's apparently a great marketer, which makes up for a lot.

Also, remember those homes are in SoCal, so the perspective [and numbers] are different.

I agree the renovations are lavish. But you have to realize the book was written during the market boom. So it was almost impossible to price yourself out of a market that was appreciating at +40% rate.

You have to look at the bigger picture in the book to get the most out of it.

I took at look at his new book today, forget what its called. But it looked like it was strictly about how to sell/stage a home. I think it also touched on the slower market the majority of us are facing. I didn't bother picking it up just yet.

i liked it. as far as it being the rehabber's bible, i don't think i'd go that far. a lot of the smaller details tend to be specific to where you live. when i find a book that finds properties, fixes them, and keeps uncle sam away from my money, then that would be the "one" book i'd want to read.


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