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Hey BP family,

I was seriously considering on purchasing Kent Clothier's new system called "Find Cash Buyers Now". Is anyone on here familiar with this program, have you used it for your own RE investment biz, what are the pros and cons?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Asking price $1997, + $97 monthly afterwards..Now if this system does all that it says it does that fee shouldn't be an issue right?

$97 a month is steep and $1997. is outrageous. However, if you got it like that try it! :D

Nah I'm not saying I got it like that. Just want to know if anyone has tried it out and can give me some feedback.

Sheesh if he's charging that much for the prgm and monthly fees I better be making anywhere between $10k and more on a consistent monthly basis or else it's a wrap.

Here is what I've noticed. All of a sudden 2 years ago webinars started to become popular.

After the national real estate industry bad news. To others it is good news that know how to make profits regardless.

Now we are bombarded with REI "HOW TO" WEBINARS! I have invested in a few and have learned this one lesson if I never learn anything - YOU NEED A MENTOR!!

What they sell could work if you are willing to fall due to lack of real knowledge about what to do when you hit stumbling blocks. Better yet with a mentor your purpose is to avoid as many stumbling blocks because they (your mentor) have already be through it hopefully.

Sometimes it makes you wonder are they actively investing and earning profits or are they making a boat load of wealth marketing their '"HOW TO REAL ESTATE" Products?

Everyday I delete at least 3 how to do this and that real estate webinars. They call it training but at the end is a huge price tag for a business-in-a-box! Most start at $997.00 and some offer payment plans.

However, you could watch them and learn how they brand themselves and use the power of persuasion to make people throw out $1,000.00 in a recession!! :oops:

I viewed a webinar replay today on this program. It does look great, and makes sense to me the "reverse wholesale" process, although it's not a brand new concept.

The webinar showed the price as $997 and $39 a month, but I would guess it's for a "limited time" only, you know how that goes. :D

I'd love some reviews from others that have used it. Since the
Cash Buyers feature in FreedomSoft was flawed, I'd be curious to see if this system actually worked.

Happy Investing!

I have to get into the guru business - how many of these guys are there?

Can someone PM me the link so I can see what could possibly be attracting so many? I mean I understand FreedomSoft guys were good at marketing - I would like to see this guys stuff to compare.

And, No, I cannot imagine any circumstance where I would buy it. I just want to view the marketing. I Google'd it but could not find a video from the man himself - only affiliates.

Hi, just wondering, is this affiliated in any way with W.G. Wentworth, you know, it's my cash and I want it now guy?

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Here you go JCC,



OK - watched the videos.

I asked myself - What criteria are they using to determine if the person is a cash buyer? So I looked closely at the video in which is shown actual output from their system. I looked at the address and the guy that purchased it (same name a their computer) bought it as an REO from Bank of NY (bank of NY took it back 25 days earlier a a trustees deed) but with a 1st TD. How is it that this guy is a cash buyer? It is possible that they know something special but "what it is" is not evident from my cursory research.

So let's assume they have secret knowledge - from the text of their automated letter system it appears I would be writing a letter to this guy that took out a loan to buy the REO and asking him if he wants to see my other inventory? Do not shoot me - that's what the text of their letter says. It think you are wasting postage and envelopes.

I don't know - it's all suspect to me. Looks like a fancy mail merge system that pulls public data - but the least they could do is pull recent transfers without a trust deed - at least those are more likely to be cash.

Where's the value added? especially for that kind of money?

JCC, I wondered the same thing, where they get the cash buyer data. I know you can filter cash buyers when you searcg sales data from the MLS. Is that where they are pulling data from?

I've purchased the system, I'M NOT A SPOKESPERSON. I must say it's awesome. It's gives you access to the entire country plus you can nail it down to county. It show's all the recent cash transactions from $0 to whatever. It gives you the address of the buyer. Now, I must say, YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR DILIGENCE as with anything because allot of buyers are listed more than twice. Plus it's gives you a template to send the buyer a letter in up to 10 formats advising them of who you are. It even allows you to mail the letter for you. It's cost $0.98 to send the letter including postage. With the avg cost of postage nowadays it's worth it. I've gotten major hits to my squeeze pages and it saves me allot of time. The only drawback is the timeframe it searches. It goes only 18 months to current, but I guess it depends on the area.

Hi Derrick, Do you buy the house and then resell it? I'm trying to figure out how you make large amounts of money. He says "They are sold before we even buy it." Is he teaching to flip to a cash buyer? I can't imagine that an all cash buyer will pay thousands of dollars for a "bird dogger".

Hey guys - I can tell you that the system is absolutely real. We pull data from county records all over the country and focus on recorded deeds that did not involved a mortgage (the end result - cash buyers).

Can you do this on your own? ABSOLUTELY

You simply need to put a value on your time.

I can tell you that we had a young lady in our office that would spend 20-30 hours a week sitting at the county clerks office looking up all of the previous weeks recordings looking for these transactions. It would generate a list of 300-400 cash buyers in our county each month.

There's a reason we flip 200-250 houses a year with our wholesaling operation[LINK REMOVED]

And the reason is that we figured out how to systemize that same process and make it happen in about 20 seconds. Then we figured out how to do it almost every major county in the U.S.

Now, you can spend the 20-30 hours a week and generate a few hundred buyer in your county or you can pay us a one-time payment of $1297 and no monthly fee and have over 200,000 cash buyers at your fingertips each month.

Any member of my team would be happy to spend time with you on the phone to explain the program in more details.

And Derrick I am really glad that you see the value.

Take Care,


Derrick H, don't forget to mention that you have to buy 250 pieces of mail for them to send the letters for you. 250 bucks bro. While browsing the system I must say its not all that. What I did not like AT ALL. There are plenty of houses that i know for a fact sold not to long ago, I also know the buyers. That was disappointing to me

The houses i know that sold was not listed, fishy

Greg -

Keep in mind, that we only pull data from county records. If your county isn't up to date with their recording.....not much we can do.

If you would look at my previous post, you will see that I ENCOURAGE you to go do this on your own by looking up the cash buyers MANUALLY.

Then, you will still have to spend $250 to market to the cash buyers - either way. Because if you mail anything less than 250 letters, you are wasting your time.

How do I know this? You don't become one of the biggest wholesalers in the country - selling over 1,000 houses since 2005 - without learning a thing or two about what actually works.

Hopefully - that addresses both of your posts. 1) go look them up yourself on the county recording site to see if they are indeed recorded yet AND 2) either way, you will have to spend either time or money to market to these buyers.

If your time is valuable - then that's the point of our system. We do the lookups for you NATIONWIDE (not just your area - you get the whole country) AND we hook you up with a company to mail for you.

Hope this helps clear up any confusion.

Kent Clothier

WOW, hyped by new posters again.

Here is a better idea. Pick any area of the country you like. Call a title company and ask for the title plant. These people do searches. They probably work full time, but some could be part time. Tell them you want to hire someone on an individual basis to do some real estate searches for you, they might offer to do some off duty leg work. (The reason you go there is because they are familiar with searching docs/records in their area.) Pay them ten bucks and hour for three days.

What you want are the names and addresses of the grantee on cash sales, they will be sales where no deed of trust was filed. Save your money! Good luck

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So wait a minute. You're telling me you pull data from county records and charge people $1997 and $97 monthly????

Seriously why on God's green earth would I pay someone that much money when I can do it myself.

Hey guys

I saw the updated conversation on my watched threads list and thought I would throw my two cents in. Kent Clothier is my older brother and he designed the software after the process we were doing in our offices in Memphis. Watching us spend the hours on line with our county records culling the data for the buyers we wanted to market to. He then spent the next 5 months working with our IT developers and put together a marketing system designed to reduce the amount of time you spend getting this information.
When you are as big as we are at MemphisInvest.com, we did not have the time to do this ourselves. We needed a better system to get to the data we wanted quicker. He has an automated process for pulling the data you want in your local area, based on whatever parameters you set, and then he has letters modeling the exact letters that we send from Memphis.
He essentially copied our process for marketing to new buyers. Here are a few answers to previous questions.

1. The data comes from the county assessors office and is only as good as the data entry clerks. I pull my information from no sooner than 90 days back so the assessor office has time to make changes to any info entered wrong.
2. Some states and counties, by law prevent this information from being online and you can demo the system first to make sure your area has accurate info.
3. Duplicate names listed are people who are buying multiple properties within your search.
4. Kent also automated a system for us to find individuals acting as private lenders in our area. If you were quoted a price of $1997 with a $97 residual, that price is for both systems - "Find Cash Buyers Now" and "Find Private Lenders Now". Each is sold separately today for I believe $997 and $39 monthly residual.
5. The monthly cost is because every 14 days the information across the entire system is updated.

Guys, there are seriously bad people, companies, programs - whatever, in every industry. I can tell you that this is essentially exactly how we grew our business. We still send letters every month to old buyers and new buyers that are added. Response rates on the mailings, now that we have been sending for so long are way above average and we can directly tie back the leads to our website and sales to those leads, to the mailings we send.

This is like anything else. You have to be in a position to put it to consistent use and be committed to marketing your company. DO NOT spend any money on something you do not have the time to use or do not fully understand how it can help you. DO NOT get shiny object syndrome and buy the program because you liked the webinar. Take the time to talk to someone at their offices and ask for a demo.

You absolutely can get this information on your own, but that does not come without a cost. It will take time and effort on your part and for us - when he built the system and implemented in our offices - our productivity when through the roof. We would literally spend 17-25 hours a week on this information and today we spend less than an hour.

Just wanted to let you know where it came from and how we use it.

Best of luck to everyone out there.

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Very interesting post. I've enjoyed reading this, it has been educational.

The Clothier's have optimized a specific system, enabling your time to be spent more effectively. And for those that want to do it on your own, then do it.

Bottom line, DO something. Make some money in today's market! It's a fantastic economy if you know what you're looking for.

One other quick note on "Reverse Wholesaling". Most of us have heard others give an example of how to get started wholesaling. It usually consists of farming neighborhoods for good deals and getting them under contract. Once under contract, advertise the heck out of it to generate calls and then capturing those buyers for future deals. Now each time you get a property under contract, you shoot that property to everyone on your buyers list and sell to the first one responding.

We "reverse" the process. At [Link Removed] we spend a majority of our marketing dollars and time building our buyers list and gathering useful data on what our buyers are looking to purchase. We give that info to our purchasing department who uses the specific criteria our buyers want to purchase our inventory. We then call the specific buyers with the specific properties they want.

Effectively, we are shopping for buyers instead of selling deals we think everyone should want.

Nothing fancy, just a little bit of a different way of doing business that has really led to huge growth. We will complete 71 transactions in the 1st quarter of 2011 because of this shift in business thinking.


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Originally posted by Chris Clothier:

You absolutely can get this information on your own, but that does not come without a cost. It will take time and effort on your part.

And you justify this by charging people $1000,$2000 or whatever the price is?

I can hire a college kid for much less than that to do the exact same thing.

James -

You are exactly right, you could hire a college kid at $10 an hour to do the same thing. If he spent the same amount of time we did, 25 hours a week compiling all of the data on only the cash transactions and then organizing that data for you and giving it to you so you could market to the list, after 4 weeks you would be at the same cost for the software. It is simply a convenience for investors looking to scale and grow their business.

Also, please note from my original post that this is not my software. I don't sell software and I don't make any money off of FCBN. I sell turn-key properties to investors. The software is owned by my brother, Kent Clothier and modeled after my companies process for finding and marketing to cash buyers. I wanted to make sure the record was clear about where the software came from and how it is used.

Just for information purposes, the county nearest to Jackson County, Oklahoma where you are located that has information on the FCBN system was Canadian County and I checked for Oklahoma County as well. Canadian had 278 cash transactions in the last 6 months of 2010 and Oklahoma had 2,758 in that time period.

For some people, having that information and being able to market to them in a matter of minutes is a big deal. Since the system shows me that some of those buyers do not live in the same area as the properties they bought, I am going to market to those out of area buyers about my company. If I get a 1%-3% response rate, chances are I will find a buyer willing to hear about the value of my company.

That is an additional value to a company like mine. For the same price, I can pull buyers list from any county in the country that lists their information online.

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First off I realize that this is your brothers software and it's commendable that you are defending it and I don't want to come off as a jackass but I just don't see this being worth a grand with a monthly charge to boot.

I'm not saying the software doesn't work but I just don't see it being practical spending that much money for a system that you can do very cheaply or free regardless on how much time it takes.