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Attended the free 2 hour seminar/sales pitch last night here in my local area. Great presentation loaded with a ton of success stories and a few golden nuggets. For $1495 I could attend their three day boot camp and learn how to accomplish all my financial goals and fulfill my why. I did not choose to invest though I have to admit they had me thinking. Curious to know if anyone here has completed their boot camp and how it went? Funny thing is I had gone to a bogus travel type sales pitch seminar before and though this was a solid presentation I felt like one of the team members for David's boot camp was at that previous travel pitch. 

When it was all said and done it had the too good to be true feeling and the team members just felt greasy. Looking for feedback from others who have attended the free seminar and signed up for the 3 day boot camp. 

@Michael Swan I know you are a proponent of the book, have you done the boot camp? I own the book by the way and am still working on picking my real estate investing future. 

Thank you all for your feedback and please if you have any question ask away.

Hi, Beware of spending money on some of these programs, as there are so many of them that sometimes try to take advantage of those eager to learn.  Before you spend any money on a program, go to top of this BiggerPockets site, and type "Multifamily," in the search area (the circle) at the top right-hand of the site and you'll see a list of  PEOPLE, FORUMS, etc.  At the very bottom, you'll see PODCASTS.  I recommend you start by listening to those and then search the FORUMS, and BLOGS. You can get a lot of free education in these areas.  Best wishes and be very care of those trying to sell you expensive programs.

Remember all,

I am not a member of any program.  I just read David Lindahl's Multifamily Millions and his Emerging Markets book too.  The true multifamily that I followed his methods in the book for repositioning a value play have done the best for me.  The apartment complexes that I thought were yield plays and I wanted more safety turned out to be more risky, due to overpaying for them, the owners' lying on financials having physical, not financial occupancy, etc... Now I just follow to a "T" David Lindahl's strategies and techniques for repositioning value deals.  That way you don't overpay for your true multifamily.


I attended his 3-day bootcamp here in San Diego a few months back and though I did not pay the money (I was invited as a guest by someone that did) I would have gladly paid the money. At the bootcamp, you'll learn how to analyze large apartment deals, and so much more. I believe it's worth it. 

Noel, I have been and I paid. My recommendation is to read David Lindahl books first. All of them. Then decide if you want to purchase and own apartments. If yes, then go straight to the Coaching Program. This will cost even more money than the boot camp. I've seen many investors pay money for boot camp and do nothing with it. Then I've seen the others in coaching killing it.
I have no affiliation with Lindahl except as a successful student I guess. The program is top notch but it will be up to you to make something of it. They can't hold your hand but they can teach you and lead you.
So, the final question you'll need to ask is if you are the right person for this...

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