You think you went to a professional forum of Investors and Money Men. To listen, learn, network and hopefully make some progress.

Then Lenard Rosen starts talking and it becomes the Lenard Rosen Freak Show.

Wow this guy is so full of himself it’s hard to even fathom. I get it.. he put the PitBull Forum together but he definitely does not have to make it his “Personal Praise Show”

He comes across needy and insecure with all his constant corny stories of “SELF PRAISE”. Even the lunch is a Beautiful Lunch. Ok.. say it once but again and again, only to be served cold sandwiches.

“ Oh we are going to serve cocktails at the break.” Wow.. if you did not rush there and get it within 5 minutes, the cheap booze was gone. He makes the servers take it away. Seriously the alcohol he served was good for a “wino” on skid row. The cheapest crap you can buy at Pigly Wigly.

Lenard Rosen is a “MIKE HOG.” He starts talking and just won’t stop. At one point he even asked the time controller… his wife.. how he was doing on time and she immediately told him he was way over…

his response was … “OH I am the owner.” Wow… owner of what. We flew in from all over the nation to listen to intelligent people talk about serious Money Matters and we came to network with those people. Only if he lets them talk.

It so happened that there were many fine people who had prepared exact presentations based on the negotiated time agreed on in advance… it was part of the Agenda on the website… they had to rush thru their presentations because the HOG MASTER would not shut up.

As Lenard Ronen would say with his stupid finger pointing out. “ Just putting it out there “.

Since I got back from the Freak Show I checked out some of the show that people recommended and they seem far better and significantly better organized.

And did I mention significantly cheaper. This guy charges $ 900 dollars and insults you while he is on stage calling them the “Cheap Seats”

Last week we attended the “Note” Conference in Dallas … what a difference.

November 12 -14 we will attend the AAPL show in Las Vegas.

Serious People should keep away the ‘PitBull”