Sucess path 3 day workshop. Anyone attend advanced course

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For a long time I've been very interested in getting into real estate investing.  I saw a Daymond John ad on Facebook so i attended a preview event.  I chose to pay the $1000 for the real estate 3 day workshop. I just finished workshop today,  and it was the typical upsell for the advanced courses. Although I got some really good info out of the 3 day course,  it was too much to process in a short time. As much as I want to advance with real estate investing, I saw right thru these salesmen and the pitch. The hard sell really turned me off about the advanced courses and their "software" that's supposedly so amazing and i can't live without it. Anyway, to my point. I looked up one of the salesmen consultant guys and it turns out he's the real deal-a successful investor.  I thought he was full of it when we had our 1 on 1 consultation. Honestly,  he's living the life I've been trying to achieve without much success.  I couldn't fathom spending $20k, $30k or even $40k on a program that I've never heard of before.  Now I'm wondering if i made the right choice to decline.  I really wanted to attend to further my education, but I just can't hand over 40k...I can put that towards my first deal. 

I'm wondering if anyone has attended the $20k-$40k advanced courses and was it worth it?

Someone else posted about one of their friends taking the advanced classes. Just below this post. I’ll ask him to post an update on how their friend and if they thought it was worth the investment. I attended the 3 day course as well and thought that it was a bit much to invest. Although I’m a DIY’er so I’d rather link with someone that’s actually doing these things in my area and see what knowledge I can gain from that. Being on BP has helped to inform me a little more on the do’s and don’ts. I am still in the data collection phase as I want to be as informed as possible before I stick my neck out there. 🙂

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