Has anyone tried Jailin White wholesale program?

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Has anyone tried Jaelin White prgram any feedback?

Hey @Jermey Carraway  I haven’t tried this program but here is some advice when finding a mentor to help teach you.  When it comes to Training Programs I always judge them on the Free materials. Their Free materials are a sample of the paid course or membership. If their Free stuff doesn't "wow" the paid version will not. Second, is there ongoing support. Is their monthly coaching calls; can I text or email questions and expect a response fast; can you review my marketing; scripts; or systems and provide feedback?. These are important features you want. Last, am I in a continuous sales funnel? The last thing you want is to buy a service to get trick into buying a more expensive version and then tricked into buying a even more expensive add on. Just be careful and do your homework. Hope this helps.

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