Grant Cardone - research before a dinner meeting?

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I am attending a London UK event in June 2019. One of the main speakers will be Grant Cardone. I know the name and have seen him speak once before at a non-real estate event. I am very familiar with the event hosts, many of the other speakers and most of the topics focused on UK real estate.

Given Google has a ton of references to Grant's materials, I am curious if anyone has a tip for narrowing down the research. I am not looking to invest with him. If there is a reasonable way to dial into what his RE activities are all about, please point me in the right direction. I do not mind watching a recording or two. Reading a few documents would also be fine. A few hours of directed research will work for me.

How will I measure success in this mini-project? I want a good grounding on what his past RE deals have been like, his strategies, etc. I will be attending a private dinner with him and about 20 people. There will be some in-depth Q&A time. I want to be well prepared before arriving.

Just to be very clear, I am not buying or selling anything. I am researching the person/business so a better discussion can ensue when we meet.

Thanks in advance for any help in reducing the 'search space'.

To boil it down, he's a sales trainer and a real estate investor. He's gotten in to syndicating multifamily, and he raises money for two funds - an Accredited fund and a non-accredited/sophisticated fund. They seem to buy the high-end product in primary markets. IMO he offers rather low returns and a long lockup period.

Check out his audiobooks. The 10X Rule and Be Obsessed or Be Average are fantastic motivational audiobooks. I say the audiobooks because his delivery is a huge part of the material. I found the written books just didn't have the same impact for me.

Thanks, Taylor. I will check out the two you recommended.

I am biased towards ebooks as I like to highlight and make notes. Maybe an audio version will work well during this visit to the USA. I will be driving a bit. Lots of listening time.

Taylor L. I agree with you totally i bought his book 10X Rule but it is not the same as speaking. I am an new investor and read into the pamphlet they give you and with my limited knowledge i was not liking the returns.

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