I just finished the replay of Matt Faircloth's latest webinar: How To Tap Into Unlimited Source of Private Capital for Private Investing. I absolutely loved it! His focus was on Self Directed Investment Retirement Accounts (SDIRA).

Iv'e learned so much from this webinar(19 pages of notes)! Many of the slides he used, in my opinion would be great presentation tools for educating IRA holders on the advantages of using SDIRAs for real estate investing.

I would say the Rule of 72 was one of my favorite take-away but when he started talking about the perks of being a BP Pro member and that there are IRA custodian firms ready do provide discount services at a discount made my decision to go Pro even sweeter.

Matt's advise on finding, approaching, educating and presenting deals to IRA prospects was, in my estimation, priceless. Just writing this down has me going through my head the people in my circles that may benefit from this service.

I had missed the live webinar so on the replay, I almost skipped the Q&A session. I'm glad that I didn't; was able to glean a few more valuable nuggets from his answers. 

Thank you Matt for sharing your knowledge and experience. Thank you BP for just being here.