The Real Estate Guys 'Secrets of Successful Syndication Seminar'

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Hello BiggerPockets Community! 

Has anyone here ever attended the Syndication seminar hosted by The Real Estate Guys? If so, please share your experience. Is it worth the investment?

I want to make REI my full-time job via syndication and I am looking for resources to learn as much as possible on this topic. I learned about this event through the Real Estate Guys Radio podcast and I'm intrigued but want to be cautious since I have recently been to a few REI seminars that only provide very high-level information and promise more in-depth knowledge through mentorships that cost several thousand dollars.

I am a new REI presently focused on building my team to purchase my first out-of-state property in the next couple of months. For the next year, I'll be dedicated to grow my own portfolio and acquire the experience and social capital needed to then advance to the syndication game. Any advice on alternate resources to learn about syndication will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Here's a post I put up 3 years ago after my first one! It's a good seminar, some of the content can be kind of high level. I've been to that seminar twice, and I am currently on an Amtrak Ride home from another event, @Dave Van Horn 's MidAtlantic Summit. The biggest value at most of these events is in the hallways, networking with new people who have accomplished what you want to accomplish.

If I were to pick one or the other, I'd go MidAtlantic Summit, although it was not syndication-centric. Ultimately, most of these conferences or seminars are actually better for learning via networking than learning by the content. Great events have both, and those are the events to target! 

Start with @Joe Fairless and @Theo Hicks  syndication book. Lots of great lessons in there and it'll cost you a lot less than the RE Guys Seminar. If you're REALLY dedicated, do both! I am one of Joe's syndication clients, but I do not have any financial interest or stake in whether you buy his book or not.

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