Recommended Local Banks or Credit Unions for Obtaining a Mortgage

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Hi everyone,

My wife and I live here in St. Pete and I wondered if anyone has a good recommendation for a local bank that was easy to deal with for getting a loan?  We currently bank at Bank of America but customer service hasn't been that good and I'm wondering if we could do better with a smaller, more personal bank.

For context, we are looking to purchase our first property, hopefully a multi-family that we can live in one unit and rent out the others.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Nick!  I have the name of a someone who might be able to help.  I am in Wesley Chapel.  My husband and I are also interested in the St. Pete area.  If you are ever interested in meeting up let me know.  I am just getting started in real estate but I am happy to help in anyway I can.  

@Nicolas Middleton I would stay away from both local banks and credit unions. Especially if you are a first time homebuyer. Going to a local bank or credit union limits you due to overlays that are put on federal guides. Going to a mortgage banker or a mortgage broker rather than a local bank or credit union will expose you to much more including a lot less overlay, if any at all. Envoy Mortgage is a mortgage banker with branches in Florida. You would just need to google the closest branch and call them. Everything is electronic so as long as they carry a license in the state you are purchasing, they will be able to help you regardless of the city you live in or are buying in. Since mortgage bankers specialize in mortgage loans, banks and credit unions do not, the process is much more streamlined as well. Hope this information helps. Good luck.

@Nicolas Middleton I know the president of a local firm. He has around 10 people working for him. He is an investor first, lender second and in addition to doing traditional loans has some very creative financing options. Better yet is he lends private money too! He is the one stop shop. Frank Coto with Linclon Lending here in Tampa.

Hit up Equity Prime Mortgage, LLC in NJ. Ask for Steve Carpitella. He's not local, but they are licensed in FL.

I have no affiliation, but I've worked with them and found them extremely professional (and I've worked with a lot of lenders).

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