Short term rental clarity in Pinellas county

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Hey BP nation,

As you know short term rentals are incredibly popular now but are also very controversial and hard to find clarity since most research just leads to proposed laws or lengthy legal mumbo jumbo.

I was hoping a Realtor in the area can clarify what the current laws are as of now in these parts of central Florida

or a site that clearly states the laws as of now.

-Indian Shore

-North Redington Beach

-Sunset Beach

-Treasure Island

-St. Pete beach



I will also be following this post to see if anyone has a complete summary. 

What I know is both the County (Pinellas) and State (see link) are generally PRO Airbnb and Automatically pays county and state taxes on booking.  Most of the towns are just looking the other way and not enforcing local ordinance. However it is still a very gray area. My recommendation for anyone looking at this option is to make sure the numbers work as a regular rental property and then if your able to increase your return with AirBnB consider it a bonus.

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