Digital Nomad Investors looking for housing for April

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My husband and I have just reached the goal of being able to work remote and are very close to achieving our dream of traveling to different places for a month at a time. We own and manage a few investment properties in St. Louis, Mo. Looking to see if anyone has a property they'd be interested in renting to us or advice on finding a place, preferably close to the beach. Being in St. Louis, we've been land-locked our whole lives, and would love to experience beach life! The main catch for us is that we would be traveling with our two dogs. I know a lot of landlords don't like renting to people with pets. Our dogs are old, lazy, well-behaved, and not allowed on any furniture/beds, so I'm hoping they won't hinder our ability to find a place. Would be open to a home exchange or house sitting, and interested to hear if anyone has experience with those sites and which they recommend. Just starting to explore our options, so any ideas, advice, or recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thanks all! 

I'm a local broker/property manager. I don't typically do short term rentals, but might be able to work something out. Shoot me an email or message on BP. 

For what it's worth, your post is a little unclear as to what you're looking for, or where. It's in the St Pete forums, but otherwise doesn't mention a location or anything (other than St Louis).

Thanks, Jeff! I will send you a message. So, we're really open to anywhere for location. Mainly, we just want to be warm and near the beach. I've been to St. Pete a few times and thought it'd be a fun place to stay.  


@Jeff Copeland Hi Jeff do you recommend anyone local that handles short term rentals (reddington/Madeira beach)? 

Melissa, my wife and I are digital nomads as well.  We own and rent property in Atlanta but are currently in Florida looking for additional buy-and-hold rentals.  Our approach to this was to purchase an RV (5th wheel).  For now we are staying in Bradenton Beach looking in St. Petersburg and Tampa for investment property.  We are planning to travel to Orlando and Key West once we close on a couple of properties.

Thanks, Brad! We ended up finding a really great deal on a place in Key Largo, on the water! We're here now and loving it. Are you liking the RV? I've heard the cost of renting a space in RV parks is actually fairly high, so it's never been something we've considered. 

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