Looking for Lawn Service St. Petersburg Florida

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Hi St. Pete Investors!

I'm looking for a lawn service to take care of two properties in the Central Oak Park neighborhood of St. Petersburg FL. 

Ideally the service would accept online or electronic payment. 

Thanks so much!

Hey Tristian- I may not be much help here, but I'm curious to see what you find. I'm an out of state investor with a property in St. Pete. My property manager uses Midwest Mowtivation. From what I can tell, they do a fine job. However, they charge $150/month which feels like a lot for a tiny yard, but I don't have anything to base that on. I can get you their contact info if you're interested.

Hey Matt!

$150 a month does sound like a lot, especially for a small lawn. In my experience it's been closer to $85 per month. I'll let you know what I find out. 

My tenant has recommended these folks:


I plan on calling them this afternoon. 

@Tristan Wheelock , try best way lawn service. $60 per month, they keep my credit card on file and charge it monthly.

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