Investing in Port Jervis, New York

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We are looking into expanding our portfolio. We currently have been looking into Port Jervis, NY. Can anyone offer any information on the area? The infrastructure of the town? What is the job market there? Is it investor friendly? We see the town is small and has a small town feel to it. 


Port Jervis has been improving infrastructure and the new mayor seems to be very sincere about rebuilding the town being that he is from Port Jervis. 

The area does not have a large job market so most people commute out of town to work. 

Blue collar area.

The town has been selling off tax sales to investors from what I've heard. I dont beleive permitting is a big issue with construction being that the scope is to rebuild the town. 

 I heard of one instance where there was and still is a big problem issuing a construction permit to a large building on Jersey ave. 

Overall, I personally wouldn't want to attempt to do a buy and hold investment in the city but I will be looking into tax sales.

Hope that helps!

Hi @Amanda Culleton I hope you're great! I am also interested in PJ, and I'd love to connect. I want to know if you ended up ever moving into the Port Jervis market. I will send you a friend request.

@Jonathan Martinez I am curious to know more about your rental in PJ. What area of the city is it located? I will send you a friend request to connect and discuss it further.

My wife and I are interested in this area too. We took a drive through there one day last summer. Seems like a good area to invest. I could see it appreciating too.