Any luck removing bad tenants during CoVid?

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Hello fellow New Yorkers.  We're in the Rochester area.

Has anyone had any success in removing bad tenants during CoVid?  I have a tenant with an expired lease that I would like to quit.

They have had a questionable payment history since they moved in, and seem to have used CoVid as an excuse to not pay what they owe.  I am sure a number of you have had or are having similar problems.

So any luck?

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Your very fortunate to be in Rochester. The courts are open and it happens they have been designated with developing the system to handle the crisis.

Your point of contact should be Jaime Cain with Boylan Code.

What @Darran Giangiobbe said.  I was going to say the exact same thing.  Reach out to either one of us if you would like to be connected with resources that can help you.

@Paul Thomas

Here in FL we’ve had luck with the open lines of communication with both the tenant and landlord. Court system is back open but having them leave quietly without harm to the property is your best bet. We have our property managers visit the property if required. Courts are backed up but slowly seeing it move through the system.

@Paul Thomas I would encourage you to be as proactive as possible in having those folks vacate. This is not the type of problem that gets better with time. I've been very adamant in similar forum posts that cash for keys is the best remedy given current affairs'. 

Cash for keys got my tenant moving.  They weren't out by the deadline so they didn't get paid.  House was completely trashed and behind in rent since Jan.  Apx 20k in rent/damages.  Just glad to be back in possession of my house.

It still almost impossible to get somebody out. Probably will be that way thru the rest of the year. Plan appropriately. Network with your local owners. Start having conversations with your representatives.