Investing in Oswego, Onondaga County

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Hey Austin! I own several properties in Oswego County (Commercial - 6 tenants, Residential - 9 tenants, Student - 1 high-end unit and Storage Units - 53 units.) 100% Occupied! Happy to connect and talk! 

I'm currently adding a new property to my portfolio and am planning a big expansion by the end of 2021...  I'm always looking for folks who have similar interests!

Yes, I'm also a top producing CENTURY 21 Agent - feel free to read my profile!

We invest in Oswego county but not Oswego lol. Not sure what's up with the City of Oswego but valuations are horrendous and very hard to value-add. Same with Fulton, I wouldn't touch Fulton or Oswego with a 10' pole. We do invest in other places in Oswego county though. 

Just made our first offer for a student rental in Oswego.  Cut a deal with my broker for a place that's been rented for the past 12 years.  Vacant now, but it's in a good neighborhood and is priced below value compared to comps in area.  So far so good!  Hoping that the school year returns in the fall.  If not, we'll flip and sell.

@Ronald Starusnak

I see opportunities in both Fulton and Oswego. Especially with the revitalization that is currently happening in the city of Oswego. I see you do a lot of deals out Syracuse way, would you recommend buying rentals out that way? I look for potential deals out there also, I just don’t know the city that well as I do here.

@Austin LaBouef

Hi Austin. I am a local real estate agent and investor in Onondaga County. I also syndicate medium size apartment complexes in North Carolina. I have a real estate podcast show and as well host a monthly investor meet up (this month is virtual due to covid uptick). If you are looking for info on any of the following, I would love to connect!