Kingston NY-What do you think?

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looking for opinions on the Kingston NY rental market. I’ve spoken to a few people but wanted to see what everyone else thought. Originally I was intrigued by the PA-Allentown market but Kingston has a nice feel to it and wanted to see what the consensus was.

Also if you have any good connections/ people you can share that would be great.

1) realtor

2) property manager

3) contractors

Thanks so much! 

Hi Rigo,

As an unofficial diplomat to Allentown, PA. I would like to strongly encourage you to give my town a second look. Within the last 10 min, I have looked at Kingston, NY and here are the comparisons of Kingston to Allentown.

Kingston Property taxes: 3K-6K                                                    

Allentown Property taxes: 1K-3K

Kingston Colleges: Kingston Center of SUNY                              

Allentown Colleges: Cedar Crest College, Muhlenberg College, Lehigh University, Lehigh Carbon Community College

Kingston Hospitals: Health Alliance Hospital (2 major campuses)

Allentown Hospitals: Lehigh Valley Health Network (3 major campuses & numerous satellite clinics), St. Luke's Health System (2-3 major campuses and numerous satellite clinics).

Distance from Morris Plains to Kingston: 95.6 mile (According to MapQuest)

Distance from Morris Plains to Allentown: 69.9 miles (According to MapQuest)

I do not know the economic development in Kingston but I can sure tell you that Allentown is booming with business. Here are some major businesses running in the Allentown-Bethlehem area: Amazon Warehouse, Uline Warehouse, Walmart, Costco, Whole foods, Target.

At the end of the day its still your decision but just want to give you some info before you putting capital into an area.

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