Hello BPers! Need investment driven real estate agent.

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Hello everyone! I’m Brian and just getting out of the military so my wife and I decided to move back to the East Coast and are looking to get into real estate. We currently live in Western Washington, but prefer the personality and culture of New England. 

We own a SFR in NC already, but are wanting to start investing in property in Syracuse NY, where we both grew up. Problem is we are wanting to invest in the next month, but it'll be two months or so until we will actually be moving.

We picked Syracuse for the cheap price point, ability to scale quickly, and we truly believe that Syracuse is improving albeit much slower than anyone wanted. I know the failed movie hall in DeWitt and the factory that was built for the company that never moved in are some recent black eyes in the area, but I think landing the drone testing center (even if you think it was just for a bid at Amazon) is a great thing for that area and crime continuously improving is always a good sign.

I know everyone hates C class properties, but in Syracuse I think it’s different. I like C class properties already because the cash flow allows us to hire a manager and not worry about their cut of the rent, but since Syracuse is not famous for the real estate appreciation we think maxing out cash flow is what the games all about there (at least in our eyes, although please let us know if we are wring)

We desperately need a realtor who understands investment properties to help us get our first and hopefully next 4 other properties rather quickly, we have a pretty aggressive five year plan to start executing. Are there any BPers out there that can recommend an agent? My wife and I would greatly appreciate it!! Also, if you know of a quality PM we would greatly appreciate it!



Hi Brian,

Syracuse is great for cash flow and attracts many out-of-town investors for the affordability and scaleability. Our real estate team is investor centric and we have in-house management and maintenance crews for our investor clients. 

We'd love to connect and welcome you to the Syracuse market!

Hello Brian,
Have you looked into the eastern Washington area, Spokane? The mf market is doing real well. I would be happy to get you set up to receive listings. Shoot me your email when you have a chance.

Reach out to Jacob Evans, Aaron Farr, and Patrick Kendrick.  All these guys are realtors and can help you find good deals.  They all are investors themselves too.  If you want there numbers DM Me I would love to introduce you /  give you there information.  If you are looking for off market properties DM me. 

I am an investor and general contractor in the CNY area and Esmir is fantastic and incredibly professional. I would also highly recommend Chris Newman, he works with a lot of out of town investors and is a huge asset to have. He will help you find contractors and all the right people to make your deal work. 

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