Hello Bigger Pockets! I am reaching out to everyone in hopes someone has had experience with loud, seemingly aggressive, horse-sized dogs in a neighboring lot and advice for selling or renting. Backstory (it will hopefully help to understand my predicaments): I am currently in the military and stationed in the Saratoga Springs area for the last 3 years. I bought a 3BR/1.5B house that was flipped, payed almost top dollar for the neighborhood I’m in, and even added a seller’s concession for closing costs. I am scheduled to change duty stations in December of this year. Future plans: There was always a thought in the back of my mind that I wanted to get into real estate after the military, and have recently started reading any book I can get my hands on. Not yet sure exactly which niche, though multi families seems the most appealing right now. Shout out to Brandon’s books, it made property management seem enjoyable (still not sure how he did it)! And finally, the predicaments: 1) My neighbors have at least six dogs, three of them being Great Danes that are pushing 180 lbs. These dogs are very territorial and jump into/onto MY wooden fence every time anyone/anything is in my yard. That’s right, cutting the grass, gardening, relaxing on the deck, grilling out, etc. This is not a new fence, but it is still in decent condition and has a few more years before needing replaced. Well, except for the spots where the dogs jump... they are literally breaking down my fence! The neighbors refuse to do anything about it, aside from putting more junk in front of that spot. One of the times I attempted to bring up this situation, they told me that they don’t even let their child into the backyard since the dogs are so territorial (sounds like fun when they break down the fence). 2) I am trying to determine if I should sell or rent my house. There are pros and cons to both, but was hoping someone has been in a similar situation. As I said, the house was a flip, but as I have been finding out, they didn’t do a great job. The kitchens and bathrooms look great, but they took a lot of shortcuts that I have been uncovering. I have since installed new LVP flooring in the first floor, installed crown moulding, replaced the upstairs windows, installed A/C, and did some cosmetic upgrading (ship lap, board and batten, and painting). Nothing to really force any appreciation if I wanted to sell. When talking cap-ex, new-ish roof, new water heater, new central air system. What I am nervous about is the leach field, some hidden issue that was just covered up in the flip (foundational or electrical) and those da** dogs!