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Hi all,

Just bought a home in Buffalo New York. It is my primary residence. I got a quote on some landscaping but as I have never owned a house before I was wondering if anyone would be willing to look at it. 

Thank you!

If you live there, do it yourself. Nobody will ever do it as good as you will or take the time to make it look as nice. Plus you can learn and also pocket $3000 for your next deal.

Everything is known in comparison. Get a couple more quotes, plus compare material prices with some suppliers in the area  

It’s hard to determine whether the price is fair because the nature of the project and the sizes are unknown. For example, the first line item, “bed cleanup and weeding”. You can have 200 square feet or 2,000 square feet. As you can understand, the time involved would be different. Plus, the 200 square feet could be the worst jungle, while the 2,000 sq ft can be basic dirt. Do you see the difference? 

You best bet is research, so you know what you are charged for, and comparison. 

Good luck. 

Where is the house? That is a lot of money to spend on landscaping

@Andrew T. that's a fair price for Clarence. I would never pay it but it's about what you can expect. My buddy owns a landscaping company and that seems like what his prices would be. Best to do it yourself or scale it back a little as you don't need a show lawn. Come over to Fairways Circle and drive around it till you see my lawn lol, it will look nice someday when it stops raining, after the driveway is put in. I would say try and save 50% or more by doing it yourself (unless you have to buy expensive equipment, but that might be worth it to in the long haul) and put that money into something that will generate you more money down the road. Or buy equipment needed and use it for tax write offs for rentals.  Couldn't get pic upright :/

Get few more quotes and compare. $2200 in "services" seems high to me. Local nurseries deliver the mulch for free you buy 2+ yards. You can buy the material and hire someone on hourly basis. Or do it yourself if you have time. 

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