Any wholesalers / flippers interested in triplex in Cohoes, NY?

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Hi All, I'm a real estate broker in Washington state, originally from Upstate NY. I'm looking to help out my brother who is trying to sell his triplex in a pretty decent part of Cohoes, NY. He bought in 2009 and 'house-hacked' for a few years while doing some repairs before building his own place in Saratoga County. He now has a one-year-old and has had some difficult tenants (he did NO screening) and no longer wants to 'deal with' the triplex. It's currently listed on the MLS and has had one offer fall through due to financing. It hasn't been marketed toward investors, whom I think this property could really work for.

He's really just looking to unload this property and would like to get what he owes for it.  Anyone interested, respond to this and I can give more details.  I wanted to put this out into the Upstate BP community to see what kind of feedback/interest I can get:) Thanks!

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