Hey Orange and Dutchess County, NY!

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I'd like this post to serve as an introduction to the people in Upstate New York here on BP. I'd love to network with any agents, investors, wholesalers, or anyone else who likes to talk shop.

I am currently looking for my second buy and hold deal, but I have spent my (young) entire career working in real estate. I started off as a Real Estate Salesperson in Westchester, and then continued my career in Commercial Property Management. After my time in property management I moved into a Financial Analyst role within Commercial Real Estate Investment Sales. I recently transitioned into the Corporate Real Estate role where I work for a global company.

Recently, I purchased my first rental in Orange County. Currently I am looking to acquire my first Multifamily property in Orange and Dutchess County.

If you've read this entire post to this point, I sincerely appreciate it and invite you to reply or PM me and introduce yourself. Again, I'd love to connect with any investors, agents, wholesalers, property managers, contractors, or anyone else in the real estate business who wants to talk shop and uncover ways we may be able to do some business together!


Nice to meet you! I'm an early investor such as yourself, but an established property manager. Sent you over a PM - looking forward to connecting. I operate in the Capital Region mostly, however am working on expanding my network and reach! Currently I manage over 350 apartments.