an agency only for investors!

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Are you a new or seasoned investor looking for the perfect RE Agency run by investors for investors with your best results at heart? Need help getting out of the starting gate? Then you have arrived!!!!

Everyday Realty (EDR)  is a new kind of Real Estate Brokerage that specializes in, and is highly focused on, the R/E Investor market. With EDR, you are dealing with agent/investors who are intimately familiar with what it takes for a successful Flip or hold. We can take the investor from the search for an investment grade property, to assistance with funding, construction and project management, through selling the home for the highest possible price. We call this Search thru Sell” assistance.


We have many avenues to help you acquire investment grade properties. What we mean by investment grade are homes with enough equity in the purchase price to allow a fair margin and profit. Yes there are RE Agents selling discounted homes, but they are working for the seller; whereas we are working for the you, the investor our client. We have access to properties that retail Brokers will never see. And as part of our hunt on your behalf, we will present you with a deal valuation report including construction estimates, holding costs and conservative comps; information that will bring the best chance of a successful investment*.

And since no deal can happen with out money, our sister company Everyday Funding is ready to service your financing needs to get your deal off the ground. We have many options including Member 2 Member, crowd funding, investment funds and hard money. If you’re a new investor wondering how you are going to fund your first deal, our investors are willing and eager to help you fund as long as an EDR project manager is involved.

Need a contractor? We can help there too.


When your project is nearing completion, you will need to market the right way in order to realize your maximum value. It isn't just listing it on MLS and doing a few 90-minute open houses. As a benefit to our close relationship to the LIREIA, we have buyers ready to purchase properties. Whether you are selling retail or looking to wholesale, EDR will help you realize your goals.

Lets make some money togther!

You deal with properties in suffolk county as well?

We handle all of nassau and Suffolk. 

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