Attorneys/lawyers in Suffolk County?

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Hi All,

I'm looking for an attorney to help me set up an LLC, to create contracts/operating agreements, and basically anything else that I may need help with when it comes to flipping properties. Any recommendations? I know about the high-dollar firms already, but since this is my first go at real estate, at this point I'm just looking for the best bang for my buck, but without cutting any corners, of course. Thank you in advance.

I’ve used Larry David in Patchogue for 2 closings, really reasonable and knows what he is doing.  Both were personal residences so I’m not sure about the business structure setup but he does a lot of RE...  if he can’t do it he can point you in the right direction to speak with someone who can.  

Best of luck, are you looking to invest in Islip? I’m still in the beginning stages as well but always looking to meet up with local investors to see what they’re doing... feel free to reach out

Robert I don’t know how you are sourcing your deals but there are a number of potential flips in my neighborhood if you can acquire the house. Since I’ve moved in to my house which was also a flip I’ve seen about 12 other houses done in the last 2 years.

Hey Scott, I've been looking at the MLSLI in Brentwood and CI, and apparently they are moving fast (never would have thought, as they are basically war zones lol).  I haven't looked at Bay Shore yet, but I assume you mean North Bay Shore? That's about the only area in my price range at the moment.