Wood/Engineered Material Flooring Long Beach, NY

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Hi all,

I have a condo in Long Beach that I am looking to fix up before I sell.  I had hard wood floors in there that were improperly installed and need to replace before selling.  Any recommendations on a flooring guy?  Also, any recommendations on what material to use down there - it is right on the beach and gets super humid.  


Hi Jay. I use vinyl plank flooring in all my flips now. A good quality one such as Armstrong life lock looks very much like wood and comes in different plank sizes to make it look more realistic. You can flood it, etc and it's fairly non destructible. I find buyers like it too. I used to live in Long Beach and still look to invest there so let me know the details on where your condo is and what you are looking for in price? 

Hi Diane, thanks for the advice!  I appreciate it and will definitely look into that.

The condo is a 1BR/1BA (actually a JR4 with a very small extra room) right on the ocean in the east side of town (partial view).  It used to be my home but I left for Denver a few years ago and have rented it out for the time being.  I'm at a bit of a crossroads now because the window on me selling this and sheltering any taxes on profit (I lived there for 2 of the last 5 yrs) is expiring early next year  I received an offer of $325k but it fell through on the financing side due to the buyers job history.  Just received a lowball cash offer so think if I do the floors it will get me into the $330s.

Hi JAy. I used to live at 522 Shore rd back in the day. Miss that boardwalk and the view something fierce!  In that price range for a 1 bedroom, I'd do a quality hardwood floor if you are on a higher floor but likely you need to check with condo management to see if that is allowed. Best of luck!