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Interior Decorative Wall Panels Interesting Ideas

Posted Jan 20 2022, 23:52

Looking for a classy wall panel and wondering how to give your space an aesthetic look? This article gives you a wonderful tour of wall panelling interesting ideas & its usage to turn your home enthralling and simply beautiful. Wall cladding is a great way to add impactful decoration and style to your interior design. Decorative clads panels are a phenomenal way to infuse color, texture, and sophistication into a simple interior and renovate it into an incredibly luxurious space. Wall claddings are designed with various materials such as Charcoal, Wood, MDF, WPC, Fabric, PVC, Vinyl, Glass, etc

Wall panelling is perfect to add an artistic view to your interior space. Along with the mesmerizing interior, cladding is known for long-lasting material, seamless pattern, world-class quality material and unique features. Decorative wall panels are setting new trends for modern homes with a wide variety of designs, textures, and sizes. It can transform simple decors into extraordinary spaces

Hotel wall panels

Wall cladding with the seamless pattern are found in many luxury hostels to give an elegant and classy interior space. It’s loved due to the beautiful panel of different designs embossed and full-filmed in a fascinating texture. The attractive design is inspired by nature which adds charm and gives a refreshing feeling to your hotel rooms.

Corporate Wall Clad

Office space design shapes your corporate branding and image by keeping the employees engaged. The classic E3 Wall Clads look incredible for office wall panelling. It is used especially in the reception area, working space wall panels, pillar clads, canteen area, etc. The amazing pattern of the clad makes the office décor great and attractive which you would simply admire.

Modern decorative wall panels

Artistic modern Decorative Wall Panels decorate the entire wall making them the focal point of attraction. Decorative wall clads are popularly used in living room/drawing room/tv room giving a mesmerizing interior decor. It is in high demand in the market for design luxury, sophisticated, and modern interior homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc. E3 Clads Manufacture in India is unique and interesting design that has a versatile collection for any luxurious or simple interior.

Ornamental wall panels

Cool & trendy decorative wall Cladding designs make the ornamental accent walls enthralling to a different level. Besides, such decorative interior panelling creates a geometric pattern and adds charm to the interior. It does not matter whether you are decorating your own home, workplace, hotel & restaurant interior, etc. it adds architectural charm to any modern space.

Bedroom wall clad

Bedroom is a special corner of our home where decorative wall cladding goes perfectly to give a wonderful decoration. Wall clads is the designer’s most recommended Wall panel that has seamless panels. It transforms your bedroom into a modern luxury room giving a heavenly and beautiful view to your cozy bedroom. These waterproof stylish decorative wall panelling designs make the wall captivating. Choose geometric modern Decorative Charcoal louvers available in wide variants of design and texture.

You can also find in 3D composition, premium collection, embossed collection, etc. to use for elegant modern wall panels. It is also perfectly suitable for your ceiling used in many corporate and home ceilings giving a wonderful sight. E3 Group is the 1st Indian manufacturer of eco-friendly Made in India Clads Panels with executive features. E3 produces unique and interesting designs and textures of luxurious Clads to renovate your interior.

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