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i KNOW THAT a pdf type form, signed via a document signing service can be "legally binding," but is there a way to setup a standard HTML form that is also legally binding? I know it's a bit more primitive but so much simpler and cheaper. The "signer" would simply type in his or her name and hit submit. the "particular document" that they're signing would be contained in an iframe much like when you sign off on "terms and conditions" on many websites....does this make sense?

The main documents I'd be using would be standard tenant lease, deposit to hold rental unit form, various disclosures (lead paint, radon, etc.) changes to existing leases, NDA's, and probably web design contracts and lawn care contracts as well. (I'm less worried about the lawn care and web contracts)

I am a web designer, hence the HTML method strikes me as easiest to implement. I was thinking that "my reply" to their submission would "seal the deal."

In theory I think that would be fine. However if you plan to use this specifically for rentals and tenants, Id be a little worried that they could use it as a way to get out if they were at fault for something. That said, if you were able to add a little "terms and conditions" clause in there; I could see that being sufficient

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