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My website is currently on the process of developing onsite and of course, a blog section would be so useful for my business.  So, I was wondering what kind of topics specifically real estate topics should I write in it. Or should it only be about real estate topics? Any suggestions?  Can somebody share their blogs here so I can see how it is being done?

Thank you!

@Joseph Chen , there are hundreds of member blogs on this site, many with numerous entries.  To access them go to the heading bar, select "Learn" then scroll down and select "Member Blogs".   There are also a large number of featured blogs.  To find these, select "Learn" then "BiggerPockets Blog".

Links to folks' blogs need to be posted in the Marketplace, as we consider such links to be a form of advertising.  Discussion of blogs is OK here, but please don't post links.

@Jon Holdman

Thanks Jon.  Since I can't post links feel free to go to my site below and take a look at the blog section.  Most of the articles I write are on topics that interest me and I believe would interest other investors I'm close to (mostly very experienced successful investors that own their own investment management companies).  I also syndicate those blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social media sites, which helps drive traffic to my page.  

I look forward to seeing how it turns out!



Thanks @Jeff Rabinowitz  I will explore some blogs here later. 

@Jon Holdman Thanks for informing us. Rules and policies should be strictly followed. :)

@Account Closed  Thanks. I will visit your blog later,  man. And thanks for the tip about sharing blogs :)

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