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So I'm trying out different ideas to reach new buyers and grow my company. In this I've decided to start a social medía campaign through facebook, twitter and my own blog. 

Has anyone done this and what has given them success?

It is about as good as an ad in the newspaper.  It is much cheaper than an ad in the newspaper; but, to me it is about the same results.  Facebook and Twitter are totally different in how to collect people and how to market the campaign.  Blogging is good in my perspective because you can use it to send it to your current book of clients and past clients as a follow up in a newsletter.

Make sure your Twitter is connected to your Facebook. Your tweets will pop up in your facebook feed. Also make sure your LinkedIN feeds are tied into your twitter so your posts will  pop up in your tweets.

Your Google+ code and facebook code should also be in your web pages. This will help boost them up in the search engines. I would also use some kind of Wordpress set up in your site. If you blog 4X a day to 8X a day you will get some engagements. 

Good luck

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