Advertizing online for rentals available to tenants

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Does anyone know precisely how the various online websites interact? 

It appears that a "postlet" will upload to Zillow, Yahoo, hotpads and Trulia....according to how I read their process online.

Does Craiglist require the extra step to get on their site?  

What is getting the most traffic these days?

Seems like Craigslist is not as popular as previously?

Just started using these other methods and trying to weigh out the benefits.

Is there a simple way to get all the exposure?

Appreciate your insight!

Don't know precisely how they interact and I wouldn't focus too much on that because they probably change all the time!

Postlets is great because it does feed to a lot of other sites. Craigslist is always great and I have no idea what you mean by an extra step. It's certainly user friendly for your customer. Craigslist remains extremely popular.

What works best probably depends upon your area and price point. I use them all! None of them takes too long to set up. I also use the MLS much of which feeds to redundant sites, but I have a brokerage so it's easy for me and you can never over-market.

It's always important to have your own website where you post your properties and to drive traffic there.

Hope this helps!

I love Postlets. It's one stop shop, free easy and no worry for me as the landlord. Honestly that has been working so well that's pretty much my primary go to  unless it's a slower time than usual. Than I do Craigslist and sign in front of the house

We use,,, and signs in the yard.  Seems like we get a good response from all four.  It literally takes a couple minutes to post the house on any of the sites.  So it makes sense to use all of them considering it can be done in 20 mins and your property is on all of them.

Classified ad sites post their results in about 24 - 48 hours.

Youtube videos go live and rank in about 15 minutes, ( if you tag them right)

Craigslist - can be iffy - but will rank their posts on Google in about 3-4 days.

If I had something I wanted to rent I would seriously build my own site and hook up a wordpress system to it and let it rank in about 3 days. You can do this and you wouldnt have to be relying on a system like Zillow or some big hosting site with lots of other competitors.

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