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I know there are alot of checklist and notes apps out there but it is hard to tell what they are all capable of. Im specifically looking for one that i can build checklist templates for tenant move ins and move outs so i dont miss anything or skip a step. My thoughts are i can have my 4 checklist built and saved in the app and when a tenant moves out I walk in the door open one of the templates save a new version with Unit # etc and begin following my checklist. I dont want to have to reinvent the wheel each time.

I  initially created what i want in excel but i know toting the paper along will be the down fall. 

Thanks in advance.

Look at Wunderlist. It's free and gives you a lot of flexibility, stores your list in the cloud and is accessible from all your devices. I use it for all kinds of things. I would assume you could duplicate a list and rename it for each property but I haven't had the need to do this so I haven't.

Although it is not necessarily a "checklist" app, Trello may be a good fit for you. It works very well for managing tasks, you can set up checklists, and you can also set up templates. The phone app and online interface are both really simple and easy to use and it is completely free.

Hello @Austin H.

You can use literally almost any note taking app for list. With new iOS9, and new "Note" application, you have this feature. As the other people suggested, you can use Trello, Wonderlist, Evernote, MS OneNote and somany others...




I would suggest Google Forms. It has way more flexibility than a plain checklist.

I have created a custom form that I use for house rehab, it guides me step by step as I inspect a house.  I think it would be trivial for you to create a similar one for tenant checkouts.

If you want to see my example I can send you a link or you can find it from my signature.

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