How Do I Convert My .M4a files to .mp3 or .wav?

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Droid users. How do you convert your .M4a files (from your voice recorder) to .mp3 or .wav?

Depends on your purpose.  m4a is a more modern compression system than mp3, so the files will get larger if you recompress it in mp3, and even larger if you move to the (completely uncompressed) wav.  As m4a is already lossy compression, you won't get any audio quality benefit of moving it to a .wav file.

Google is your friend, look for utilities that will do recompress into different formats for whatever operating system you use. or may be of help.

Thanks @Brendon Woirhaye and @Major Robertson .  Yeah I googled it before posting but so many choices came with some of them being accused of being ransomware or spyware. So figure I'd reach out to somone whose actually used it.

I need it for ring central. Need to record an mp3 for a voice greeting.  Thanks again.

BE CAUTIOUS of downloads from CNET, they often have added junk and sometime virus'.

Find the name, then the website supporting that product and download from there.

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