Linkedin Profile for Real Estate

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As an investor? Grow your network with connections in person and find those folks on LinkedIn. Check out my profile for ideas. I wouldn't say it's "optimized" but I certainly want to let people know I'm a practicing agent with it.

A lot of people are big on posting and content creation on LinkedIn these days. You'll see some of the popular guys slinging words or wisdom and catchy motivation quite often in hopes that it gets shared and spreads their name. It seems to work too. Brandon Hall ("The Real Estate CPA") is a good example of this. He was a podcast guest on BP show 196.

Account Closed Try to become active in one way or another online (bigger pockets forums, blogging, your own website, posting content on linkedin, Facebook) through one of these forms of engagement, you should link to your linkedin which will drive traffic to your profile. However, I wouldn't place too much emphasis on your linkedin in general and rather use it for its best use which is finding and reaching out to people you would like to connect with.