I am looking for a 3rd party service to look up property records that services the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

I know I can go to appraisal districts and look up records but this can be time consuming. I have even downloaded the entire databases, but the data is formatted poorly (all caps, unusual formatting of first and last names, multiple owners spread out over several columns). This makes it extremely time consuming to get marketing data.

I am also looking for something that could possibly be automated through Zapier.

I do residential roofing so I am constantly out in neighborhoods. I use an app called Spotio to track every home that I solicit and also vacant properties or properties in disrepair. Here is the process I am trying to achieve:

  • Tag an address in Spotio
  • Zapier saves all location data to a row in a google sheet
  • This triggers a data query of the property database (through zapier hopefully)
  • The database then updates the google sheet with owner information in an usable format (through zapier hopefully)
  • I use this list for mailers/follow up

I have the first two steps fully automated and would love to be able to automate the rest.

Any suggestions in property records look-ups from third parties?