State to State tax calculator

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I see a lot of articles on which states are the best or worst for taxes. The answer varies from person to person depending on income level, source of income, primary residence value, amount of consumer spending etc. Has anyone seen a website that will calculate all states for you based on your specific info?

Think about the value of a website that would rank all of the states for you in order and give the specific number differences between each state. A website that did that would get an extremely high amount of traffic and I believe would make good income from advertising sold to realtors, mortgage companies, moving companies and all kinds of other services hoping to sale to incoming or outgoing residents.

A user could punch in different numbers for different future expected incomme levels or investment holdings. I think that would keep people coming back to play with different numbers. Opinions?

There is a tax software that can calculate what your federal and state income taxes based on the income that you put into the software. The software is BNA Income Tax Planner.
The software also allows you to project what your future federal and state income taxes will be based on projections that you put into the software for future years.

The thing is that a company will need to generate a lot of money to build a database that captures all the state information.
State information changes on a year by year basis and someone would need to update the database based on these changes. Furthermore - if any information is wrong - can someone sue the company. 

It seems doable but there would be work involved.