Is MyHouseDeals.Com a useful resource?

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Originally posted by @David Turner :

Has anyone found this paid subscription service to be a useful resource for finding deals?  Wholesale or Rehab deals specifically.  Any alternative suggestions?

Thanks for the feedback!

lol no. MyHouseDeals is a garbage website. They actually place all of my listings on their site without my permission. On top of that they put out a random ARV which is essentially double whatever I am selling the property for. There is no basis for this ARV and they do it on everything I am selling. No matter if it's a fully renovated apartment building or a single family home that needs a renovation. I have emailed them numerous times to tell them to stop posting my properties on their website to no avail. Total garbage website. Completely despise everything that they are doing.


Originally posted by @Wayne Brooks :

Total garbage. 

How the website earns enough money to stay online is beyond me. I originally gave them permission to post my properties on there as it was free advertising and exposure. Never a bad idea right? Wrong! Within a short period of time I realized they were manipulating the data and the only viable people who ever contacted me where contacting me to see where the bogus ARV came up from. Numerous times I've tried to get that garbage website to stop taking my content, to no avail. They simply ghost you. Beyond frustrating.