How Do You Make Your Real Estate Videos?

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Hello, I've been in real estate for awhile now but still somewhat new to creating videos for my properties. I am looking for some feedback in regards to what some of the best options were for making real estate videos that showcase new listings, open houses, and general marketing? There seems to be many different options available whether it's a diy software or a service. 

Some I've came across are Realtor Video FX, promo, animoto, etc, does anyone have any experience with any of those?


Hi Jennifer,

I shoot a lot of videos for high end listings in NYC and some coastal communities. I would recommend hiring a videographer with an ultra wide angle lens, gimbal, and proven editing experience. You can absolutely learn on your own, however shooting and editing a professional looking video has a steep learning curve and is very time consuming. Free editing software - DaVinci Resolve

Lighting, editing, and then camera quality in that order. Sound would be third if you're doing any voice over. I second what @Brett Graybill said about a videographer, a good one can really make a property pop. If you're wanting to DIY it, do some research on YouTube for filming/shooting real estate scenes and editing tricks. If you have a smart phone that is two or less years old, it should be more than capable of handling 4k video. Getting good with a handheld gimbal can also really add a pro quality to your videos.