Facebook Marketplace - Automized Responses? Business Page?

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In order to set up automatic responses to inquiries, I need to know the following:

1. How can I post RE Listings to Facebook Marketplace from my Business Page? I have a business page (not RE) and I don't see a Marketplace tab there anywhere. I've read their guide and it only tells you about listing partners, not about marketplace specifically. 

2. Do any of the listing partners found here allow open listings? https://www.facebook.com/business/help/224411658455245


I'm a lic. RE salesperson and I already use FB Marketplace to post listings from my personal page but there are some limitations.

First of all, I want to use automatic responses to get leads to fill out a Typeform questionnaire. Secondly, I will need to give someone access to the messages, which I prefer not to do with my personal account. 

Second of all, I want to use my own branding. 

Thank you in advance for your help!


Updated almost 2 years ago

Zumper does not allow open listings and I haven't received an answer from any of the others that are listed at that link. Still no answers?

Updated almost 2 years ago

I'm looking into this solution: https://manychat.com/ I still don't know if any of those other listing pages allow open listings. Also, I feel like I'm talking to myself.

Hi Ramsey, ( I see you've updated your answer a couple of times) -

I'll start by saying, I'm not sure about the posting a listing to FB marketplace from your business page is doable at the moment. You linked to the page showing partners by country. It seems like you can post to FB marketplace as an individual. However, FB chatbots can only attach to Facebook pages or Fan / Public figure page [business people use these a lot to separate personal FB profile]. I haven't tried, perhaps a Public Figure page could post to marketplace.

I can speak with more confidence to your other questions about Typeform / Messenger / chatbots. You could use MobileMonkey or ManyChat like you've mentioned creating a Facebook chatbot that can auto-reply to people messaging your page about a listing. Your chatbot can link to a Typeform (at some paid levels you can remove Typeform branding) where they fill out your questionnaire and even book a showing...or...you can build in all the questions you need right into the chatbot which can be much easier for the user not to leave Messenger & have a higher conversion rate. A more advanced thing would be to schedule showings in messenger. You can provide limited access to your facebook page / messages to someone who has "business manager" permission. There's also a Facebook Pages app you can optionally use to jump into any chat a real person is having with a chatbot (which will stop auto-chatting) and start chatting yourself or someone with business manager permission can do the same.