Anyone using Smart Sheets? Compare to Microsoft project?

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Looking for a scheduling program. I liked Microsoft project back in the day, however, I am hoping for something new. Possibly something with an app option to use on the go.

What are people using today, out in the field? I am not looking for something extremely complicated, just something to keep the schedule and budget on point. Maybe the ability to take notes, email contacts, and possibly text message.

Am I dreaming?

Loved to hear your comments.

My Day job as of now is as an IT Professional, but do manage all of our team's out of state investing.  I am a super user of Microsoft Project and have used Smart Sheets before.   I have to say though, we managing everything on a simple Google Sheet and have all back up documentation inside a Folder on Google Drive.  We run our business with Quickbooks Online, Slack and the lowest tier Google Enterprise services.  So most of our solutions for workflow come from the Google World of solutions. 

Google has a great break down of how to run a project over sheets, have linked it below.  We don't follow it exactly, but we have modified it to make it work for us.

Hope this helps, as just an option to consider. Our Property managers and Contractors are all invited and utilize our Google Drive folders for projects, both in the field and from their offices.