Best Property Management Software

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Hello everybody, I’m asking this question on my brothers behalf. He is working on setting up a PM company and wanted some feedback on what PM software is best? Please let me know what you all suggest and why if possible.

Thank you!

This comes up a lot! So you may want to do a search.

Personally I use Buildium. However, I will say that it is important to document your own processes and determine which product fits best for your process priorities. I recently did an analysis between Buildium, Yardi Breeze and Rent Manager all of which are excellent solutions. I really liked the Yardi look and feel and their account team was outstanding. After documenting my processes and analysing each tool relative to my process steps, it became clear that Buildium was going to be a better fit for our operations.

I'm happy to share my findings relative to my business processes. Just send me a pm with your email address and I will send it your way.

You will find there are literally hundreds of PMS solutions if not thousands. So there is no lack of choice!

Yardi has different models. I don't know how many units your bother will be managing, but Yardi Voyager 7s is top of the line software in the whole real estate industry. Yardi Breeze is for small investors.