Google Voice - Additional Numbers

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Hi BP Community, 

I am curious to know if anyone figured out a way to have multiple free Google Voice phone numbers. If not, are there any other services that you would recommend I take advantage of? Thank you in advance for your advice! 

We use They have numbers everywhere; charge approx 1 cent per minute and $1/month per number. people can text these numbers and you can view it online or have texts forwarded to your mobile number or email. They also have a number of PBX type features including ring groups and hunt groups which then allow you to route calls as you wish. 

For example, my main number rings both my desk phone and my mobile phone.

@Miguel Oliviera you can port in as many other numbers as you like, the challenge is that you can (AFAIK) only have one outgoing caller ID linked to your account at once.

That said, there are a *ton* of virtual line services outside of gVoice that you can subscribe to. Many with advanced voicemail and call routing for teams.

Also, some cell phones today (iPhone 12) support “dual SIM”meaning you can have two phone numbers active on a single cell phone at the same time. That’s often a good option for separating work/tenants from personal.