Recommendation for Ft. Lauderdale Investment

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I am looking for recommendations for investment in Ft. Lauderdale. I did some basic research and it seems to me that area around zip code 33313 is attractive. Any other areas folks would recommend? Any agents who have helped with investment properties before?

I am also wondering what you guys think about buy and hold in 33311 and 33313?

They are worst and second worst zip codes in Fort Lauderdale in terms of crime rate and income.

Finally a post about my own back yard! I live in Plantation, 33317. These areas are in lower income for sure, not the safest either. I personally haven’t thought about 33313 only because I myself don’t really want to commute or travel through these neighborhoods. Zillow shows SFHs listed from around $265- $350k for a 2-3 bedroom in 33313. Seems overpriced to me. The area isn’t developing, no new shops, businesses or recreational areas, sellers are just asking more. The area that is developing is 33311. Message me if you want to connect. I’ve been driving the area looking for investing opportunities 

Looking to buy my first flip in the new year in the Ft Lauderdale area or parts of Miami. Location, location, location is a must. Any recommendations on areas I should look into? Up and coming areas?

Thank you.

Both 33311 and 33313 are growing to an extent. Personally, I invested in a condo in 33313 at a below market price (IMO) with a high cash-flow. I wouldn't call the specific area that I bought in "dangerous" but I wouldn't call it super safe either. There are still deals to be found, but I can tell you it has gotten a lot hard than it was even 3-4 years ago. Be patient and find the right place that you are comfortable with

yes!! i have the redevelopment maps for this area, i was going to buy a duplex in this area but there was an illegal addition and I backed out of it :(