Pompano Beach 50% LTV low-$ condo refi possibilities?

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Exploring helping my elderly mother refi her condo - she's in Pompano Beach. Condo in a 55+ community, comps roughly $70-$80K, remaining balance ~$33K and about 16 years left on her 30 year mortgage at 4.25%. I'd like to see about getting her refi'd into a 15 year at current prevailing rates, but unsure if I can find a lender for such a small amount. Haven't reached out to Wells yet, but that's on the list (given history with them they'll likely be a PITA to deal with). Wondering if anyone can recommend any small lenders or brokers in the area. Also interested in any insurance brokers that might write in the Pompano/ Deerfield Beach area - my mother and aunt and uncle could probably all benefit from someone seeing if they can get better than their current home insurance rates (through State Farm I believe). 

Any thoughts you have would be appreciated! 

Hey Shawn, I've got a great lender I can get you in touch with, as well as my personal insurance guy (I'm a realtor in Pompano Beach). Shoot me a DM and I'd be happy to give you both of their numbers. I'm sure that both of them could get you taken care of.