Woah Woah Woah! This is Crazy!

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Hey everyone!

I'm currently breaking the chains of renting.

I moved out into my Condo, but those pesky corporate land lords are still bugging me and my old roommates!

They charged us a total bill of about 700 bucks upon moving out. They replaced the entire carpet and paint and fixed up a few minor blemishes, and attached a $40 dollar cleaning charge.

I thought we cleaned pretty darn well (but didn’t take any pictures.)

Anyhow, next thing I know, I get another "amended" bill with an additional cleaning charge for $260 bucks!

The reasoning for this was "apartment was really dirty"

Now I realize that "dirty" is subjective.

But can they do this? Can they charge me for cleaning, and then just turn around and charge me for more cleaning, for a total bill of $300 bucks worth of cleaning?!

Seems strange to me.

But as I plan on being a landlord in the very near future, I don't want to disrupt my landlord Karma :)

But I don't want to just lie down and take this if they are just harassing me for more money.

This will bring the move out bill to a little over $1,000 bucks!

Thanks for your help.

Check your lease. Many leases have a standard cleaning charge that is levied upon moving out. It doesn’t matter how clean you leave it in this case. Any excess charges are a different story. My property manager will walk through a rental with the tenant when they move out, if the tenant doesn’t meet the property manager it is difficult for them to dispute anything that may be found. I know it’s too late but you should always have the property manager look at the rental with you when you move so that there is no dispute.



Thanks for your help!

So to boil that down in a bit harsher terms...

Because we don't have anything to dispute in terms of evidence, we are pretty much out of luck?



Thanks again for your help.

Looks like we'll be eating this cost.

No wonder these guys have a bad review!


And it looks like the move out charges are pretty standard.

Here's a quote from the tennant reviews written just about a month ago:

"Moving in was fine, Price was right at the time. After our first 10 months, the price was raised $190 / mth. The Employees treat you like you are inferior and unimportant. Upon moving out we were charged almost $1000 for 'A Dirty Apartment'"

Sounds familiar... a little TOO familiar... Looks like this happens quite a bit there.