Tennesee law and crazy tenant?

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Where exactly can I get a copy of the landlord and tenant code/laws for state of Tennessee? I know some of the basic stuff but I want a complete outline. I can't seem to find anything other then rentals in metro areas.

I rented a house to a tenant 7-8 months ago for her and her two grown kids 18 and 20 and two outside dogs and one tiny dog. When there 3 weeks ago and she had two extra dogs. Went there today and she now has a total of 6 dogs and 3 more people living in the house. I

I need to know the exact law and what I can and can't do. I told her 3 weeks ago to get rid of the extra 2 dogs. Now she has more?!the 3 extra people are her daughters boyfriend and two kids that supposedly have no where else to go..

Can I have the pound come pick up the extra dogs? Can I evict her for all the extra people? I have it in the lease with their names of who is staying there.

I'm no attorney and can't give you legal advice, but I do know that the Landlord Tenant Law in TN only applies to counties with a population above a certain number (I think it's 50,000 or 60,000 people). Check with a local attorney.

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Call animal control and report dangerous dogs trying to attack people walking by .

Document the extra people by camera , and file for eviction on breach of lease.

Another thing that I would suggest for the future is to hire a good property manager who will screen out these kinds of people on the front end, and who will deal with them appropriately if they slip through the screening.

Do an internet search for "Tennessee landlord association" and "Tennessee landlord tenant law". You will find there are many resources in Tennessee that may be of help to you. Do not act in haste. Hire professionals to assist you.

-- Learn the landlord business prior to renting property

-- Know the landlord-tenant laws applicable to your area and know them better than the tenants do.

-- Establish good rental criteria

-- Diligently screen prospective tenants

-- Do comprehensive back ground checks

-- Select low risk tenants

-- Collect sufficient security deposits

-- Use a well written rental agreement

-- Make sure your tenants understand the rental agreement

-- Enforce the rental agreement.

-- Do regular inspections.

-- Hire professionals to assist you as necessary.

Good Luck!

In regards to getting rid of the people not on the lease, if you don't have it already, add a clause to your Lease that states something like:

"No other person or persons may occupy the property for more than X weeks without the prior written consent of the owner..."

That way as soon as people show up, your lease allows you to slap a 5 or 10 day notice to quit on the tenant to remove the people from the premises.

Same idea for pets...

Your lease is the most powerful tool you have to define the rules. We're always adding to our lease as new "experiences" show our leases' weaknesses.