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I recently signed an apartment lease that starts in July. I have all the paperwork and the contract is final. The apartment management is now asking for my previous landlord contact information for a landlord verification. I'm fine providing the info, but I'm just wondering why they are asking me now and if I have to give it to them when I've already signed the lease…? Any thoughts? I thought it was strange timing.

Thank you!


Based on my experience, the landlord or any other verification should of been collected before the lease during the screening process. If the lease is signed already you should not have to give any further paperwork. I'm assuming they forgot to ask for that info before. That's the way I operate here in NC.


Thanks Adrian,

There was a section in the lease where they asked for my previous landlord address, which I provided. I'm assuming they want his email/phone number now.

Is there a polite way to say I rather not give that information now? Or is that going to work against me in some way?


It sounds like the PM is trying to cover their a**. They were probably supposed to collect this information during the screening process, jumped the gun & now need to back track so they dont anger their client.

Tell them you can dig it up for a kickback on first month's rent. Can't imagine how you'd legally be bound to provide it now the lease is signed.


Originally posted by @Ruth D. :

Is there a polite way to say I rather not give that information now? Or is that going to work against me in some way?


Sounds like Ruth has something to hide ...

@Ruth D.

Most people collect this before signing. Mistakes are made and management can forget to get the information. From my experience I would assume that this is a CYA. That being said you are probably not required to provide this information.

I do have a question for you. Why would you want to start off on the wrong foot? Why would you want to establish the wrong relationship with a landlord from the beginning. If your a but head their is a good chance that he will be one back to the fullest extent of his lease. Personally I always beleive in going the extra mile and working with others. That this is the best way to sucess.

I remotely had a tenant complete forms to enter a lease 2 days ago, all documents were done remotely and I gave full details of where he could pick up the keys. In the morning I realized that I had forgotten to ask him to send me back the signed agreement. I was worried because I signed the agreement and sent to him but I didnt have a copy for my files. I new he had the option to tell me he wasnt going to do so or even find fault with the property as he had not seen it before entering the agreement however he emailed me back confirming he had already sent it to me the day before.

In my mind I thought that if he would make things difficult for me at the onset of the tenancy I would have a different view of him thoughout his tenure. I suggest you send the previous landlord details to them. You never know when you will lock yourself out.

Thank you James and Mike for addressing my questions! I'm still new to being a tenant and want to fully understand boundaries/law once a lease is final. The management contacted me so matter-of-factly, so I didn't know what to think. I already spent so much time working with this company trying to sort out the right apartment to sign for, providing my credit, employment info., pay stubs, boss' contact, etc. It's annoying that they're contacting me once again for something that should be complete by now. I'm willing to comply, but it's frustrating when the management has already shown instances where they have not been clear or communicated well… and then contact me again for new information. I don't want to be a pain as a new tenant, but I also do not want to be taken advantage of because I do not know better.

Thanks Elizabeth and Annunciata! I definitely don't want to start off on the wrong foot. By this point I'm just tired of this management, the apartment search, the waiting... I wanted to know it was all finalized and not have to do any more work/worry. I am of course considering what effect me saying no will cause. I mostly wanted to know if this was normal request for management and why they would just now (weeks later) be asking me for the information.

Originally posted by @Ruth D. :
... I'm still new to being a tenant and want to fully understand boundaries/law once a lease is final. ...

When you say you are "new", is it because you have not rented before? If you have not rented before, then there isn't much that this new management will uncover from the non-existent previous landlord.

Now, if you did have a previous landlord, that previous landlord will either have negative things to tell about you or won't have negative things to report. Some previous landlords will not report anything; they simply don't answer phone calls or emails and won't return messages left. And some management companies don't even keep good records, so the negative info gets lost with those. Then we have this new company renting to you. They already messed up by not contacting any landlord reference before signing a lease with you. And they don't seem to have any idea about how to get the previous landlord's contact info without the tenant providing it; I can tell you that I ALWAYS independently verify previous landlord and employer contact info and only then make contact. So this new company already has these two indicators of incompetence in screening applicants. I would guess that even if you had some negative report hiding with a previous landlord, this new company wouldn't even get to the bottom of it - because that would require them to do some more work for which they won't get paid any more than just not doing that extra work.

So, it sounds like they are just doing the CYA thing.

Thanks Steve. I am new because I have only rented for a year. My history is clean, and I'm on good terms with my previous landlord. My question was not about how to hide something, as I have nothing to hide. My question was seeking an understanding of a situation and then maybe some advice on how to handle that situation. It does sound like a CYA problem and now how I react is up to me. Thank you all for the help! It's appreciated.

Be cooperative. Be a good tenant. Pay rent and bills on time, take care of the property and don't be the source of any drama. Maintain good will. Carry a cheerful attitude. You'll sleep easier. Your good deeds will come back to you many fold.

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