How would you handle this situation?

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Hello everyone!

I have quick question for a friend. He is a tenant in a house similar to this one:

(This picture is from Google, not his actual house)

The wall on the right is the beginning of the neighbor's property, no space in between. His problem is that the house floods every time there is heavy rainfall on the right side of the house. He has told his property managers numerous times and they say they can't (or won't) fix it because the problem is on the neighbor's property. What should he do?

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City ordinances may address this issue.  They do in our city.  There is probably a municipal code that addresses the issue of neighboring property draining water onto another.  However the property owners need to resolve this problem.  If the property managers have not apprised the property owners of the drainage problem, then they are are falling short of their duty.  The longer the drainage problem continues unresolved, the more likely property damage will occur.  Perhaps the tenant can notify the property owners directly or file a complaint with the city.