Washington Renter Agreement

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Greetings BP community,

I am looking for a good Renters Agreement to be used in Washington State, King County. Does any one from Seattle landlords willing to share their wisdom or files on this topic?

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@Vlad Kuzin

Yeah, we have been with RHA for couple years now, and we found that it's helpful. they have people answer questions, classes, forms and other resources. Besides form, we consistently used their tenant background/credit check services.

At the beginning, we just google and use random forms online, we just kind of edit as needed, then we started using RHA and still is.

ok, I am a newbie to the site and real estate investing. What is RHA? I am in the midst of my first rental purchase and will be needing all that good info and such.

@Mary Russell

RHA is Rental Housing Association, and it's a non profit organization made up of rental property owners, property managers and business that provide services to the rental housing industry.